Emme Creasman

Volcano, determination, strength, care and love for people in need… That’s what comes into my mind when I think about Emme. An amazing girl who in 2013 came to Moldova with her mom to volunteer in the baby orphanage. I still remember the day when they arrived at the airport with 9 huge suitcases full of baby stuff that we could not fit into a car. Such a beginning! Next year she was back again to help out!

In 2014 she was determined to create a new charity: Volunteering Moldova, based in the UK that works for Moldova. Her determination convinced me that together we could do lots of great things for the kids as well as for the volunteers who are looking for the best experiences abroad! We have launched a volunteering program for people who want to come to Moldova and volunteer, to make a difference to residents who live in state run institutions.

Emme was born in USA, moved to UK many years ago, then moved to the Netherlands. She visited lots of other countries and had lots of great opportunities. But we were the lucky ones to get her attention and dedication to help Moldovan kids from the orphanages to have a better childhood. She’s investing lots of time, effort and continuous love to make things happen, to recruit volunteers, fundraise for the projects and do everything that’s needed for the kids.

It’s rare in life that you would meet such a thoughtful person. Someone who, when you visit her, would give you her bedroom so you feel more comfortable and rest well. She would bake a bunch of cakes, and other amazing treats just so you can feel special and loved. She would cover you with presents and drive you everywhere that you would feel the luckiest person on this planet! She would pay from her own money, just to make a difference and make people happy.

Emme I’m continuously learning from you and you’re definitely inspiring me day by day. Even if you’re not showing openly your love, I know you’ve got lots of it for humanity and I’m very lucky to be able to work with you to make this world a better place with happier kids and healthier generations. You’re amazing!