Emma and Lucy Watson

Summer 2008… 2 young twins of 18 years old came to Moldova to volunteer in an orphanage with the babies. Both very young, with little volunteering experience but so motivated to do something important. Those were my first impressions when I met them for the first time – Emma and Lucy Watson. After 2 weeks of volunteering in Moldova, in the autumn they were back and together we visited a few poor families in a Moldovan village, which basically changed our lives from that moment forever. At 18 years old, going back to UK they took a decision that lots of people their age wouldn’t even dream of, they registered a charity to help people in need in Moldova. We didn’t know for sure what this charity was going to do and how things would happen, but those girls’ motivation was so strong that I had no doubts, I knew we would manage to do great things for Moldova together!

Now when I look back it seems kind of crazy how 2 very young girls believed in another young girl and with great enthusiasm are changing little by little people’s lives, making them better, with more opportunities and building great dreams for younger generations!

I often wonder: why did they choose Moldova? It could’ve been their country, or India, or Indonesia? Why Moldova? Are we special in any way? I don’t know, probably not. Are we lucky? Yes, we definitely are! Because there are people like Emma and Lucy who truly believe that there is potential and together we can make this country a better place with happier people.

It’s been 10 years now of hard volunteering work, dedication, challenges, but there was never a single moment when they wanted to give up! And that’s very inspirational!

Guys I would never be able to thank you enough for your courage and patience towards my country, my people and me personally. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m sure there are still lots of great things coming up for us to do!